Club 420 3

What is the Club 420 3 Class?

The C420 3 class for students aged 14 to 18 and gives experienced sailors an opportunity to further their education in a high performance boat. Sailors train in both the skipper and crew positions learning how to use a spinnaker and a trapeze, proper position on roll tacks and gybes, and weight placement. Sailors receive on-shore chalk talks in preparation for on-the-water drills, and they are instructed on sail trim, boat speed and rules. Students will learn racing techniques with trapeze (wire to wire tacks; kinetics) and spinnakers. Sailors learn how to start, how to round race marks and how to finish a race. to improve boat handling skills and apply these to a racing environment. Sailors work on boat control, developing boat speed, maneuvering, and sailing around a course. Sailors learn how to start, how to round race marks and how to finish a race. On-shore chalk talks are used to prepare for on-the-water drills, as well as learning the racing rules, and developing racing strategies.

Sailors are encouraged to participate in area regattas. Here the sailors work on sail trim, boat speed, tactics, rules, and strategy under actual racing conditions. Parental support at regattas is mandatory. (see the Parent-Student Handbook, Regattas on page 5: Sailors and parents need to take full responsibility for participation at any regatta. Parents are responsible for taking their child's boat to and from the regatta, and loading and unloading their child's boat for each regatta. At least one parent must be at regattas to assist and supervise their child, in particular in the event he/she leaves the water early due to heavy wind, boat breakdown, etc.).

Private boat ownership is strongly encouraged. Old Cove YC has a dozen C420s which are made available to Junior Sailors on a first-registration basis. Using an OCYC boat is not a charter and students are not guaranteed a specific boat from class to class, nor are they permitted to use an OCYC boat outside of their lessons, except for OCYC JS arranged private lessons. If your child does not have his or her own boat, choose the class registration “with club boat”. Only if your child has its own C420 can you choose the option “with own boat”.

C420 3 students meet three times per week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons from 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm.

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