Bay Adventures

What is the Bay Adventurer Program?

Open to all students ages 8 and up who are already capable sailors. . This is an opportunity to cruise around the beautiful Peconic Bay, visit the Donkey Dunes, engage in a variety of water-related activities, all the while learning seamanship and sailing in a fun, cooperative environment. Topics will include steering, tacking, jibing, docking, knots, parts of the boat, anchoring and basic navigation! Teamwork and communication between crew is emphasized. There is something for everyone! Adventurers will be split into age groups to insure appropriate activities. Individual boat ownership by students is encouraged. Old Cove YC boats can be made available on a first-registration basis with the understanding that this is not a charter and students are not guaranteed a specific boat. If your child does not have his or her own boat, choose the class registration “with club boat”. Only if your child has its own Laser can you choose the option “with own boat”. Classes meet Friday mornings from 9:00 to 12:00.